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If you’re reading this, you probably met Quentin & Clovis at the CES ! Here’s all you need to know about Unéole, What we do and who to contact.

The energetic mix production hub.

This hub represents the future of urban buildings. It offers the optimization of renewable energies production, it allows energy self-consumption, created by the energetic mix. Finally, it gives your rooftop a new economic model.

How Does it work ? 

A rooftop made of photovoltaic panels and/or hybride PV and thermic all inclined perfectly to enhance production.

Uneole’s windturbines are installed at the best possible places on the roof in order to get the most energy out of it.

Technical equipment are integrated at the center of the hub. They are easily accessible and well sheltered by the hub.

An Aerodynamic system optimising wind turbines production (venturi effect) and ensuring the visual integration of the hub.

Benefits for your rooftops

Produce energy on a steril surface

Bring an economic model to the rooftop

Ease the acceptability of the local politics

Raise the value of the building

Contact us

06 51 22 02 89

Adress​ 225 Avenue des Templiers

59000 Lille

Email contact@uneole.fr

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